These  6 groups of characters share the same beliefs and work together in alliances and 1 group with treasure and weapons...

KINGDOM          ORCS            FOREST          DEVIL          DUNGEON    PALADIN    TREASURE               


Wisdom, unity & strength

The Kingdom armies have ruled the land for thousands of years since the Second War of Chaos.


Under their rule, the land grew and flourished from generation to generation, and they named this sacred land the Kingdom.

The Kingdom armies have wisdom, unity, strength and magic.

They unite as one and inspire each other in battle. 

They appear as human soldiers, mech warriors, wizards etc.

Kingdom cards work together to increase morale. 

Their overall properties are average but some hero cards have super high attributes.


Barbaric and bloodthirsty

The Orcs are the oldest indigenous people on the mainland of The Kingdom.


Due to their manic and aggressive nature, the Orcs have been divided into different tribes since ancient times.

After the Chaotic Wars the Orcs were forced to unite, being led by the grand chieftains against the other factions.


After being ruled by The Kingdom, they enclosed their own lands and lived there.

The Orcs are barbaric, powerful and bloodthirsty. They are the oldest indigenous beings in Vanchworld. They are manic and aggressive by nature and appear as goblins and behemoths.


Orc cards have high attacking abilities and contain high blood volumes. They also have a  devastating bloodsucking effect.


Enhancing nature to heal

There are so many unexplored areas in the land of the magic Kingdom and these ancient forests are home to countless strange animals and ancient spirits.

These creatures are associated with healing, defence and the power of nature. They  know how to use the magic of the forest to heal themselves and increase their defences.


These appear as elves, man-eating flowers, stone people and dragons


Forest cards are some of the most desirable because of their abilities to restore blood and increase health.


Hellish creature servants of Lucifer

No one knows how long the Devils have existed in the Kingdom. It is recorded in ancient Orc bone scriptures that they fought against evil forces tens of thousands of years ago. Ancient humans also recorded battles between the Devils and ancient Gods.


In defeat after defeat, the Devils seem to have learned that they must have Allies if they are to succeed. So they found the evil spirits the Dungeon Camp, and together they planned an evil invasion.

Devils are associated with darkness, evil and sacrifice. In legend, the ancient Gods of  Vanchworld were destroyed by the Devils. The Devils  signed an evil contract with other factions and gave them the power to work for them. But this deal meant they had to sacrifice their lives in order to make the Devils stronger.


These hellish creatures include Lucifer, the Devils of Hell and the gargoyles.


The Devil cards overall attributes are low they only rank higher than dungeon cards. Although they have the ability to turn the tide through the sacrifice of their allies.


Plague, death and resurrection

The Ravens Dungeon is the largest dungeon ever created by the Kingdom after its victory in the Second War of Chaos.


After their defeat the evil spirits were all locked up in this torturous dungeon. Soon the evil spirits went out of control and overthrew the guards. These evil ghouls expanded their army of dungeon warriors with grave intentions.

These creatures are associated with plague, death, and resurrection.

Evil dungeon troopers roam abandoned underground castles and mines. The Dark Lord uses black magic to reanimate these dungeon troopers, allowing them to spread plague and disease to their enemies. They appear as skeletons, zombies and the undead.


Dungeon cards are generally low in properties but with a variety of debuffs such as plague and regeneration that reduce the opponents attacking abilities.


Justice, order and light


The Paladin faction is made up mainly of outside warriors of justice. Every Paladin has superior fighting skills. They are allies of the Kingdom and together they fight the forces of evil.

Legend has it that the descendants of the ancient Gods left Vanchworld in turmoil with the Devil. They became errant warriors of justice in all time and space maintaining the order of the whole world through their divine power.


These appear as angels, future warriors, aliens and time-traveling heroes.


Paladin cards have the highest individual combat power. They are good at fighting alone and don’t need to rely on other cards.


Helping the struggle

Scattered around Vanchworld are many rich and precious treasures that contain powerful forces.

They have no combat effectiveness, but have strong buff effects.