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What is VanchCard Full Evolution?

VanchCard is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) trading card game (TCG). It lets you enter and command an entire world of brave warriors and evil demons. Full Evolution is the latest chapter in the history of Vanchland saga. The Full Evolution game has over 170 cards to collect and keep. As a commander you decide which cards to play to beat your opponent. As you work your way through the levels you will uncover new rewards and hidden treasures. Each card contains unique powers and strengths and have associations with other cards which means with smart sequential play you can increase the power of any of your characters. It is both a traditional collectable card play game together with the very latest AR technology to bring the characters to life in your own home!

How do I play?

There’s 3 playing modes Challenge (PVE), Training and Competition (PVP) . Challenge mode PVE (Player Vs Environment) Just plug and play! Single player mode, simply place one card down and the computer places another character there to fight it out. You can gain reward points in Challenge mode that you can redeem for rewards. Training mode Play two player in this mode with friends or family that don't have a VanchCard ID, share your cards with them and get them to play along! Competition mode PVP (Player Vs Player) Two VanchCard IDs can play together face to face! Each player competes against the other with their cards. Strategise your play through understanding your characters better your opponents and place them down in advantageous orders. The secret to successful gameplay is to understand each cards attributes and how they benefit when played in sequence with other cards. Each card contains a clues and rankings printed on it that will get you started, refer to the app for a deeper dive into the characters attributes. The cards are grouped together into FACTIONS. These factions are tribes of characters that compliment themselves in battle.

Is VanchCard more of an app or a card game?

It's a mix of both, the physical cards are there for you to collect and keep and the app is way to see your characters perform.

Can I control the characters in the game?

You don't control the cards once they are in-fight but you do control how they will fight. Each card has an association with other cards that can benefit it when played together. You choose which characters to play by strategically studying their skill sets and weaknesses. Once you throw them down to match play then you don't control how they fight, you then become the spectator. The characters you use against your opponent and the order you play them greatly increase your chance of winning.

I have a Starter Pack, how do I register myself onto the app?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. The app will ask you to scan your ID card that you received in the Starter Pack. Once you've scanned the ID card don't discard it, you can use this ID to access your account on any device in the future. Once you've scanned the ID you can also choose to log into the app which we'd recommend.

What kind of game is VanchCard?

VanchCard is an Augmented Reality (AR) Trading Card game (TCG).

How many fight modes are in VanchCard?

There’s 3 playing modes Challenge (PVE), Training and Competition (PVP) . 1- Challenge mode PVE (Player Vs Environment) Just plug and play! Single player mode, simply place one card down and the computer places another character there to fight it out. You can gain reward points in Challenge mode that you can redeem for rewards. 2- Training mode Play two player in this mode with friends or family that don't have a VanchCard ID, share your cards with them and get them to play along! 3- Competition mode PVP (Player Vs Player) Two VanchCard IDs can play together face to face! Each player competes against the other with their cards. Strategise your play through understanding your characters better your opponents and place them down in an advantageous sequence.

Is VanchCard multiplayer?

It's both a single player and two player game.

How do I sign up?

Go to the Apple app store or Google Play to download the app and order your Starter pack from our Amazon Store

What are the core mechanics of the game?

If you're a serious gamer you'll be aware of 'core mechanics. A game's core mechanic is the action of play: the activity players do over and over again in the game, like jumping, collecting, flying, or shooting. The qualities of the game space make certain core mechanics more effective than others VanchCard FULL EVOLUTION is a layered game, here are the core mechanics explained: KEYWORD-TRIGGER-EFFECT Keyword: Reason for the ability (trigger): What action will make the ability occur Effect: Effect the ability has on the battle Some cards have special abilities that give them, or their allies, an advantage in the battle. These abilities are noted on the card itself and follow a simple for Keyword (trigger): effect Keyword: The keyword is the reason a creature has an ability and is always noted 1st. There are a number of keywords, each having a different style of effect on the battlefield. Knowing how your creatures Attack will give you an advantage in the battles ahead. For full understanding of keywords, view ???. (trigger): The trigger what will cause your card’s ability to begin. It could be as simple as fighting against a specific faction, or as complicated as having 5 specific creatures in your cemetery. Ensuring cards you use are associated to each other and planning the order in which creatures are summoned will increase the number of abilities you cast and therefore improve your chances of winning the battle. The keyword and trigger combine to show under which circumstance the creatures ability will begin Effect: This is the actual positive or negative effect the creature’s ability has on the battle and the strength that ability has. These effects often take the form of adjusting the Attributes of the creatures that are, or will be, fighting and are seen at 3 differing strengths. Different Attribute Strengths Arrows pointing up show a positive attribute change to your creatures, whereas an arrow pointing down show a negative change to the opponents creatures. If both a positive and negative are shown, they both occur to only your creature. These positive or negative changes often effect the Attributes of the creature. HP: Hit Points - The total amount of damage that a creature can take before it dies. Atk: Attack - Total potential Attacking strength of a creature. The higher the Attack the more damage can be done. Def: Defense - The creature’s defensive strength to lower the Attacking power being dealt. Like a knight’s armour, the better the defensive ability the less damage is dealt. Avo: Avoid - The agility and speed the creature has in being able doge an enemy’s Attack completely. A high Avo shows that small, quick creatures can doge the slower, more powerful Attacks of larger creatures. Cri: Critical - The chance of causing critical damage on the opponent with any Attacking that hits. Critical damage can be cause up to double the total Attack strength. Tho: Throwback - An amount of damage of the opponent’s Attack that causes damage to the opponent’s creature rather than yours. Hem: Hemoglobin - The chance of draining HP from an opponent to your current HP. A high Hem allows for your creatures HP to increase by an amount of the damage you do toΩ

DRÊ the opponents creature with every Attack. Keywords Beyond the grave The trigger card has already been killed and is currently in the cemetery. Evolve Causes your summoned creature to upgrade to a higher level creature. Regress Causes an opponents summoned creature to downgrade to a lower level creature. Summon When a creature appears on the battlefield Regenerate Current HP is increased Reborn When the creature is put in the cemetery, return it to the battlefield. Hatred When fighting against a specific card or faction on the battle field. Drain An opponent loses summoning energy and you gain this amount of summoning energy Instant Kill The name says it all. The slightest touch and the opponent’s creature dies. Spell A general spell that is triggered by a variety of different situations. These may be a creatures HP falling between certain limits, or a simple probability of the spell being cast. Remember to check the trigger word for a better understanding. Death When a card is put into the cemetery. Kill When the creature lowers an opponents creature to 0 or less HP and it is put into the cemetery. So let’s have a look at some examples Example 1. Keyword: Beyond the grave Trigger: Mad Rabbit Effect: Atk If the creature “Mad Rabbit” is currently in the cemetery, Red-eyed wolf will receive a Strong increase to its Attacking power. Example 2 Keyword: Beyond the grave Trigger: (Nuby) (Ugros) Effect: HP Atk If either creature Nuby or Ugros are in the cemetery Lucifer will receive a small increase to his HP total and his Attacking power. If both Nuby and Ugros are in a cemetery this effect will occur twice. Keyword: Spell Trigger: (HP) Effect: Def Atk When Lucifer’s HP falls to a specific amount he will receive an increase to Defensive power and Attacking power.

How do I get started with the game?


How do I get more characters?

The Starter Packs includes random characters and an ID card to get you started. There are up to 175 cards to collect and you can get them on our Amazon store or from your local supermarket or game seller. Purchase Go to our Amazon store to buy packs Trade Swap duplicate hero cards with friends and fellow VanchCard players. Deal make The game encourages kids to negotiate, a number of weaker cards can be traded for a single stronger card and so on….the rules on trading or negotiating are wide open and only limited by your imagination!

How many cards can the app read?

The app can read a maximum of 2 cards simultaneously. If two identical cards are placed, it will read only one of them.

Whats the strongest card?

It's hard to say as of the moment. However, each character has different strengths and strategies that you can find on the card. the cards come in packs and the characters are totally random. The rarest characters are the most desirable so keen collection skills are key.

What if I lose my ID card?

Try not to! If you do contact us and we'll send another one to you.

So all I need to do to win all the time is have the strongest cards?

Strong cards are great to have but mindlessly summoning Yellows and Purple cards may not be the best strategy. Factions and their abilities play an important role in deciding the outcome of matches.

How do I activate the cards correctly when playing?

Ok here’s a checklist…. 1- Make sure you have enough light, if it’s too dark to read the card it’s too dark to play! 2- Don’t stack the cards on top of each other. remove and replace the cards whilst playing the game. 3- Push the cards together, if they’re too far apart from each other they’ll look at you, almost have them touching to make them battle. 4- Angle the camera/phone. If you’re not using the holder then make sure you hold the phone high enough that the camera can get a good scan of the card. 5- Clean camera, sometimes grease on the lens can affect activation. 6- Restart the app, if in doubt just restart the app

How do I collect the heroes?

You can expand you collection of characters by getting our various sizes of expansion packs through our Amazon store. You can also trade and swap any duplicate cards you may have with your friends.

Does buying cards make it 'pay to win'?

The selection of cardsin the packs uses a randomised process of selection. Rarer cards are the most desirable. Players who spend more time finding these will benefit.

What if I get duplicate cards?

As the card packs are randomised there's a possibility you will get cards you already have. You can scan these into your account and swap them for points which you can use to reward other cards. Alternatively you can swap cards with other VanchCard players and learn some bargaining skills!


Of the 172 cards available we've noticed some small issues with 5 of them, our bad! We want to let you know that we're on top of this and these cards will have now been changed, but there are games out there with these errors:

Card 316 reads…. Hatred (Swampy bone giant) should read…. Hatred (Ergroth)

Card 322 associated card 301 is not printed on the card

Card 322 Morprah is spelt wrong in the mechanics

Card 122 in the mechanics reads Nist toy -> Mad King Nist it should read Mad King Toy -> Mad King Nist

Card 120 in the mechanics should read Crossbowman-toy not Crossbowman-toys

We welcome your feedback so if you've noticed an error or glitch in the game please onatct gav@vanchcard.co.uk

I can't log in on my ID card

Very rarely the ID card will have a print error where the QR code print falls outside the white box like below. If this happens please contact us and we'll send you a new ID card.

I can't add a new card to my CARDBOOK

First of all check whether you have already collected this card before in your CARDBOOK, if you have you will get a pop-up message when you try and scan the duplicate. If the QR code on the back of the card will not scan it's likely there's an error with the card. Please get in touch with us and we'll send you some new cards out.


Do I have to be connected to the internet to play?

No, it just requires access to the camera, and the cards. You can play it anywhere! If you want to play other players online or submit your scores to the leaderboard then yes you’ll need an internet connection.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is the latest gaming/video technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a user's view of the real world, providing a composite view

Does VanchCard offer in-app purchases?

Yes, once you've downloaded the app you can click the link to our Amazon page to get your Starter Pack with all you need to begin your adventure. We'll also keep you notified of special deals for you through the app.

What data do you collect and what do you do with it?

Only whatever you add as your username and your country. We can also see the user time of the app but that's it.

Is the game available for PC?

No, as it uses mobile device technology and needs a camera we don't have any plans to make this available for a desktop. You can use any Android or Apple mobile device to play the game.

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