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The History of


The First War of Chaos

With Satanic delusions of ruling Vanchland the Devils instigated conflicts between the factions. The Devils finally succeeded and ruled over the land.


The Second War of Chaos 

The Kingdom factions reassemble and start to plan to avenge the Devils. They unite with the other factions and defeat them. The dungeon faction is not involved in this battle. Finally the Kingdom armies rule the land and restore peace.


Dungeon Invasion

The dungeon makes a pact with the Devil, and the undead of the dungeon take the lead in a sustained attack on Kingdom Castle.


Kingdom Crisis

Realizing that a crisis is brewing, the Kingdom faction gathers armies and heroes scattered around the world to defend against the evil forces' plans to attack.


Full Evolution

When evil comes, the creatures in Vanchland use their mysterious Vanch energy to make themselves more powerful in order to protect their own people.


Ultimate War Preparation (coming soon)

More and more creatures appear in Vanchland and various factions form cliques to gradually strengthen their collective power.


The New Era (coming soon)

The Third War of Chaos finally breaks out. In order to maintain the order of the land, the unbalanced Vanchworld star spirit detonates the Vanch energy in his body. The war would eventually be calmed down, and all living things also returned to the state of initial peace and equilibrium.